Tuesday, May 31, 2022

Father’s Day’s A-Coming


Here are some T-shirts to consider buying your Dad.



Friday, May 27, 2022


On February 10th I wrote about WOOP – what’s your Wish, what’s the Outcome you envisage, what are the Obstacles you will face and what’s the Plan you will follow to make your Wish happen?


I was asked what my Wish was for the next three years – for 2025.


I Wish I feel as energised, engaged, creative, productive and healthy as I do today.


What’s your Wish for the next three years?



Tuesday, May 24, 2022

We Are The Champions

Instead of being in my seats at The Etihad, I was in The Celtic Manor in Newport where I had just keynoted “Winning in a Crazy World” to 450 soccer coaches at the Wales F.A. National Coaches Conference.  Having followed City legends Yaya Touré and Gaël Clichy on stage, I rushed down to the Cellar Bar at 4.01pm and settled in for another Man City roller-coaster ride.  I was surrounded by the 2022/3 cohort of UEFA Pro-Licence candidates I’ll be working with for the next two days – a Man City coach on one side, a Liverpudlian on the other.  What a game!


Liverpool won – and so did we.  2-nil down until the 72nd minute – and then three goals in five minutes.  Incredible.  Our 4th Premier League Championship in five seasons.


Superbia in Proelio.



Thursday, May 19, 2022

A New York State of Mind

The Big Apple is back!  Spent the weekend at Soho House in the revitalised, re-energised Meat Packing District.  Outdoor restaurants packed to overflowing on Friday night and all day Saturday, Keith McNally’s Pastis still delivering, Cipriani Downtown back as the home of the super-model and veterans like us – we ate there every weekend when we lived in Tribeca and Soho – the Vitello Tonnato, the Fegato, the Bellinis and the old waiters are still there – in full flow.


An early morning hour’s walk on The High Line, a mandatory trip to our favourite Zadig & Voltaire – and a classic concert at The Garden – The Piano Man – after oysters/octopus in the Chelsea Market.


“I don't have any reasons
I've left them all behind
I'm in a New York state of mind.”



Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Keeping Busy

"I don’t do much planning, nor care much about tomorrow. All I care about is that tomorrow will be another day in which I will wake up, get up, exercise and go to work.  You need to get busy with the present, not the past or the future. Here and now is what counts."


There's finding a career and then there's finding a company you stick with for so long, it breaks a world record, as Walter Orthmann of Brazil broke the world record for longest tenure at the same company, all while turning 100-years-old.


Born in the small Brazilian town of Brusque on April 19, 1922, Orthmann wanted to get a job as a 15-year-old to help with family with financial problems, according to Guinness World Records.


Because of his strong proficiency in German, he was hired as a shipping assistant for the textile company Industrias Renaux S.A., now known as ReneauxView, on Jan. 17, 1938.  Soon after, he was promoted to a position in sales, and later became a sales manager, a position he has held ever since.


Now, he's been with the company for over 84 years, verified on Jan. 6, giving him the Guinness World Record for the longest career in the same company.


Labelling this record as his "proudest achievement," Orthmann said what pushed him towards making history was focusing on the present. 


Orthmann began traveling across Brazil for his job in the 1950s and said he fell in love with being on the move and establishing good relationships with clients. Last week, he celebrated his 100th birthday party with coworkers, friends and family. Guinness said Orthmann is in good health "with excellent mental clarity and memory." The office is his favorite place to be at, and his advice on achieving the same longevity he has is to work for a good company where people feel motivated. 


"When we do what we like, we don't see the time go by," he said. 



Thursday, May 12, 2022

A Real Ghost Town


A lazy Spring Sunday in Arizona – Trudy and I drove two hours to Jerome.  A roaring copper mining boomtown in 1883 proclaimed in 1903 by The New York Sun as the “Wickedest City in the West”.  (Evidenced by the Sliding Jail which is still standing and the Bordello – still a saloon.)  Settled in the 60’s by artists, hippies and hermits, and still offering an authentic (pre-Disney!) insight into life in the Old West.


Americans, Mexicans, Spaniards, Italians, Irish, Croatian, Chinese and 20 other nationalities made up the Mining Camp – which they called Haynes – and which made Jerome home to a town full of excitement; full of miners, adventurers, gamblers, bootleggers, saloon-keepers, prostitutes and preachers.  Jerome was the talk of Arizona – the boomtown of its time.  A billion dollars of copper was mined there along with gold and silver – it became the fourth biggest city in Arizona.  The fires and dynamiting hit and entire parts of the town collapsed into the mountain or slid downhill, including the famous Sliding Jail I mentioned moving 225 feet!


The population peaked at 15,000 in the 1920’s.  Five years later it was less than 5,000.  Today it’s 450.  The mines finally closed in 1953 (when only 50 people still lived there) and Jerome became the largest Ghost Town in America.


The town was reborn in the 60’s as the Counter Culture renovated homes and opened abandoned shops to sell their creations.


It’s worth a visit.  Within a couple of hours from our home in Carefree and close to Sedona, Prescott and Flagstaff.


And the Gold King Mine Ghost Town is open – one mile away.  The one-room school-house, the ‘Painless’ Dentist office (I don’t think so), the original deep mine shaft and plenty of old trucks, cars, tractors, implements (including a super-cool 1939 Studebaker Cruiser Commander) are all there.


The Good Old Days!




Tuesday, May 10, 2022

There’s Something To Be Said For Getting Older


Mellow Sunday Desert evening – glass of Barca Velha – in Tonto’s, listening to the new Willie album Robin sent me.  30 minutes in – nostalgia, calm, hope, truth, real.  All summarised in Dusty Bottles.


“Dusty bottles pour a finer glass of wine

An old beat-up guitar just sounds better

And wisdom only comes with time

I can spot mistakes before they happen

Separate the BS from the truth.”


Keep on truckin’ y’all!



Sunday, May 8, 2022

The Banksy of Photographers


Dilly, the black lab in the photo has been viewed more than 30 million times.


It’s the work of a hard-working man of the people who fell into photography – and has since won awards from the BBC and the British Photography Awards and has won the Press Photo of the Year.


No-one knows his identity.


He’s known as Villager Jim.


Here are the links to his Facebook page and his shop page:




Jim contacted me out of the blue last week – after researching Herdy, a brand he loves – and he’s aware of how we’ve developed Herdy to roam free (quadrupling sales in the meantime).


We’ll be talking next week.


Check out his links.  His work is great, his marketing approach innovative and his back story’s real fun.


Villager Jim!



Monday, May 2, 2022

Chimes of Freedom Flashing


As soon as Trudy, me and the Family were vaccinated (and boosted), the Fear disappeared.  The Anger didn’t.  It was the enforced theft of my personal Freedom that caused me angst over the past year.  Being ‘isolated’, ‘socially distanced’, ‘locked down’ by inept, weak, purposeless political leaders, extremists, minorities and irresponsible media.


I have believed in, and am grateful to, the science, the health-care researchers, innovators and practitioners (KR Connect, January 1 2021).  We could have opened the world up again 12 months ago if the world’s leaders had collaborated, connected and listened to the science – instead they kept us imprisoned.


This was particularly challenging for me personally because ever since I was seven years old I’ve been a big believer in making my own choices, in backing myself – win or lose – to change, improve and grow, to Fail Fast, Learn Fast and Fix Fast.  I’ve loved living in the UK, the USA, Australia and New Zealand where personal freedom of choice has been at the cultural core of the nations’ leaders.  To have that taken away for the last 12 months in particular has been hard to take.


And now the good news.


The UK has led the way and is open, the US is almost there, Europe is following, Australia/New Zealand are moving (if still over-cautiously) and Freedom is in the air.


I exploded with joy during my recent foray into Europe.  The Lakes were full of laughing, joyful holiday makers roaming free, Grasmere was full of joy, the Etihad had 55,000 cheering, passionate fans singing together, London’s Soho was overflowing with folks drinking, eating, talking – until 3am – and Barcelona had a busier Easter than pre-Covid 2019.


And what joy to fly Barcelona – Manchester – New York – Phoenix without a mask in ‘open’ planes and airports.


We’ve survived.


We’re reviving.


Time to thrive.


As our greatest living poet/storyteller (and Nobel Prize Winner) said:


As majestic bells of bolts struck shadows in the sounds

Seeming to be the Chimes of Freedom Flashing
Flashing for the warriors

whose strength is not to fight
Flashing for the refugees

on the unarmed road of flight
And for each and every underdog

soldier in the night
We gazed upon the Chimes of Freedom Flashing

Tolling for the aching ones

whose wounds cannot be nursed
For the countless confused, accused, misused,

strung-out ones ad’ worse
And for every hung-up person

in the whole wide universe
We gazed upon the Chimes of Freedom Flashing


Let Freedom Ring.