Sunday, February 27, 2022

Goodbye to The Rocket Man

Tuesday 23rd February.  At Madison Square Garden, Elton’s favourite venue, in his favourite city, in his favourite country – in front of 17,000 fans (including Trudy and I) in their E.J. glitter/sparkles.  The second of his three NYC shows on his Farewell Yellow Brick Road Tour.


He can hardly walk now following his hip/knee surgery, but boy can he play the piano, can he sing, and can he connect with an audience.


Backed by his long term band, enhanced by an incredible sound system and supported by an amazing cinematic set of big screen visuals, he rocked the place.  2½ hours of non-stop hits.  No one sat down – the big screen spelled it out:  “Elton John encourages all his guests to stand and dance in front of their seats.  Please keep the aisles clear but express yourself.”


And we did.


From the opening Benny & The Jets, through to the closing Goodbye Yellow Brick Road, a never to be forgotten evening was had by all.


Almost 60 years on stage, hits in every decade, and a soundtrack to my life – “I’m Still Standing”.  So is Elton.



Wednesday, February 23, 2022

Not Yet

From my friend Peter Corijn / Paul Numi.



I wrote this song - "Not Yet" - for a dear friend who only has one year left to live.  I asked him if I could record the song.  He agreed because he had found consolation in it and thought others might too.  Carpe Diem.


I released a RadioEdit yesterday and am surprised at the positive reactions it generates.  Never seen this before at that level. 


Lyrics below. 






Tip: The song builds up so keep listening 😊. Feedback welcome. 



Not Yet 


Though we know it might happen any day 

In a flash, without a chance of replay 

It’s a cliché, a cheap throwaway 

Until it stares you in the face 

And time becomes a race 


Who will understand me? 

When you’re no longer here

Who will console me? 

Now you’re set to disappear 

Don’t go, not yet, don’t go 

Don’t go, not yet 


It’s a chase for every moment 

Before you vanish without a trace 

Awaiting the final erase, the only truth 

We’ll embrace the twilight of your youth 


Who will understand me? 

When you’re no longer here 

Who will console me? 

Now you’re set to disappear 

Don’t go, not yet, don’t go 

Don’t go, not yet 


Let’s dance 

Laugh and sing 

Until the Reaper clips our wing 

Let’s count our blessings in the hours 

Now the world is still ours 


Our summit fever was but a hunt for ghosts 

We neglected what we ought to have cherished the most 

Simple pleasures, the avoidance of pain 

Instead of what we could never attain 


Who will understand me? 

When you’re no longer here 

Who will console me? 

Now you’re set to disappear 

Don’t go, not yet, don’t go 

Don’t go, not yet 



Peter Corijn / Paul Numi

Sunday, February 20, 2022

After change upon change, We are more or less the same

Once a year, for the past five years, I watch Joan Baez’s 75th birthday celebration concert – filmed at a favourite haunt of mine, the Beacon Theatre in NYC (YouTube – thank you).  Every year something different stands out.  Yesterday it was a duet with Emmylou Harris, two beautiful grey-haired ladies who reminded me of my own beautiful grey-haired lady – my sister Trisha who I haven’t seen for two long years.


They sing a song of hope.  A song that was written in 1854 at a time of an epidemic (cholera) in the US.


“Let us pause in life's pleasures

and count its many tears.
While we all sup sorrow with the poor
There's a song that will linger

forever in our ears
Oh, hard times,

come again no more.”


I’ll drink to that.



Thursday, February 17, 2022

Don’t Let The Old Man In


Robin sent me a link to a conversation with Stewart Brand, 83 years young and still Curious.


From psychedelics to cyberculture, hippie communes to commercial start-ups, Stewart is full of vim ‘n vigour as he lives life to the max.  He thinks of health-span – not life-span and advocates all of us to Stay Curious, Live Longer.


“Frankly, I don’t understand people who go quiescent intellectually as they get older. In a way, getting olderyou get more control of your time, and you have more savvy on how to do things and how to make things happen, who to call when you have a question, and all that stuff. So, your ability to investigate stuff, especially with the internet now, is going up all the time. Why would you let curiosity fade?

And many don’t. You’ve probably noticed that people you know in their 70s are different from people that you knew in their 70s when you were a little kid. When it was over, they were settling down to play golf or whatever it was. Probably a whole lot of people you know in their 70s and 80s are hard at it, in some cases, just hitting their stride. That’s a change that has occurred in my lifetime. That is a total treat, and as near as I can tell, that one is permanent. I think that’s with us now. People will live longer and thrive longer.

The health span, as it’s now being referred to, instead of life spanhealth span, meaning how long you can be really engaged and productive and alive to things. I think that’s very good in terms of long-term thinking because people who are older have a longer “now.” Their future may be getting shorter, but their past is personally and significantly long. They’ve seen a lot of stuff come and go, and they’ve seen a lot of skills that possibly they had time to pick up that they can now deploy.

All of that makes at least the kind of intellectual life that we both seem to enjoy that much richer. So long as your genes are supporting your brain cells, and whatever other medications and stuff we can do medically, it’s possible for me to carry on in ways that would not have been possible a century ago. So, there you have it. We are living longer, and we’re finding ways to keep the human body and human brain functioning better, longer. Why would you not take advantage of that?”




PS: Some more advice on this from The Boss and John Mellencamp in their song on Mellencamp’s new album “Strictly a One-Eyed Jack” – Wasted Days.

Monday, February 14, 2022

Happiness Runs


“Happiness runs in a circular motion,
Thought is like a little boat upon the sea,
Everybody is a part of everything anyway,
You can have everything if you let yourself be.”


A song of prayer written by Donovan after his trip in 1969 to India with The Beatles (with Graham Nash and Paul McCartney’s brother Mike on backing vocals).


Was listening to this yesterday and thought about Happiness.  What is it?  A question right up there with “What’s the Meaning of Life?”.


In my ongoing quest for simplicity, a priority in the ageing journey, I think Happiness (for everyone) has three cornerstones; you can be truly Happy when:

-      You have someone to love.

-      You have something to do.

-      You have something to look forward to.


I have.  I am.  Hope you are too.



Thursday, February 10, 2022



A simple framework for Dream – Realisation developed 20 years ago by Gabriele Oettingen.  We use it as part of developing Challenges in our Personal Purpose programme.


It works personally and professionally.

1)    Wish.
2)    Outcome.
3)    Obstacle.
4)    Plan.


Check it out – it adds practicality and reality to thinking positively and dreaming.  It helps us move from Dreams to Actions.


(My thanks to Robin Dyke, friend / mentor / guide / conscience / Poet for showing me how WOOP helps!)



Monday, February 7, 2022

The Cosmic Dancer (II)

John Roedel



It’s All About Time.


forgive like a comet

is about to hit


hug like the hourglass

is about empty


sing like your voice

is about to go mute


kiss like the candle

is about to burn out


howl like the moon

is about to be stolen


dance like the ground

is about to break open


write like the ink is

about to run dry


treat others today like they

are about to be gone tomorrow


pray like the world

is about on its final spin


laugh like your tears

are about to return


give like Heaven

is about to audit you


watch a sunrise like

you’re about going blind


hold someone like

you’re about to become a ghost


~ it’s all about time


be desperate to

live and to

love a little bit recklessly


caution is a luxury

for those who have

endless days to be patient


~ we don’t

everything is temporary


the calendar is flipping

so fast that it’s become

a wind tunnel


it’s all about time


~ that’s what makes

it such an adventure


fall into this sacred moment

~ it’s really all we have


spend every second

as if you are stargazing

from a hospice bed


fall into this sacred

moment with me


no more unspoken words

no more unmentioned mercies

no more unthawed hearts

no more unforgivable sins

no more unopened eyes

no more unfelt tendernesses

no more unlit candles

no more unkind comments

no more unattended gardens

no more unfinished poems

no more unheard pardons

no more unremarkable kisses

no more unbelieved compliments

no more unaware ignorance

no more unappreciated miracles

no more unopened doors

no more unhealthy relationships

no more unrecorded songs

no more unclimbed mountains

no more understated sentiments

no more unwritten love letters

no more unfollowed dreams

no more unheralded angels

no more unrealized opportunities

no more untouched conversations

no more unthought wishes

no more unuttered prayers

no more untrue sermons

no more unneeded desires

no more unnecessary worry

no more unused dancing shoes

no more unlocked vaults

no more unthoughtful insults

no more untied knots

no more unhappy compromises

no more unread psalms

no more unsealed tombs

no more untaken journeys

no more unseen wonderment

~ no more


these seconds

are racing by


let’s not waste

any more of them


sit with me now

and wrap your

legs between mine


and let’s laugh

together wildly

under this beautiful

falling sky


fall into this sacred

moment with me


it’s really all we have

it’s all about time