Monday, November 29, 2021

He Was A Friend Of Mine

Jake Millar passed away in Kenya on Sunday.


He was 26 years young.


I’ve known him for eight years.


We Facetimed for 90 minutes a few weeks ago as he walked through beautiful grounds in Zurich.  He sounded healthy, happy and optimistic.  He was ready to leave Switzerland for an African Adventure – and was full of plans and bubbling excitement.


He was working with me on two exciting AI projects in Digital Health Care and Entertainment.


And now he’s gone.


He was a caring friend to me, my wife and my children.


We’ll miss him.



Hail Netflix

I’m flying to London later this week to catch up with a dozen Netflix EMEA execs under the guiding hand of their fearless, progressive leader Oli Rawlins.


Their international business is on fire – with amazing local content being created, and shared at an incredible pace.


Here are a few highlights that I’ve enjoyed – apart from the obvious Casa de Papal (Spain), Fauda (Israel), Lupin (France), Army of Thieves (Germany) and The Chestnut Man (Denmark):

  • Black Space (Israeli) – The charismatic Guri Alfi plays a rogue detective investigating a massacre in an Israel high school.  Unfortunately very current – a 10 part series.  Gripping.
  • Glória (Portugal) – I watched this when I was in Lisbon and Porto a couple of weeks ago.  Spies, lies and secrets in atmospheric Portugal in 1968 – The Cold War.
  • The Defeated (Germany) – My sister Trisha put me on to this series.  1946 Berlin – a ragtag band of good people try to reimpose law and morality to a traumatised post-war Berlin.
  • Ganglands (France) – Urban French drama – drugs, violence, family, very Moroccan flavour.  Terrific cast – Sami Bouajila as Mehdi is magnetic.


And, not to forget the USA, my current airplane escapism – Cowboy Bebop.  What can I say?  Mad, funny, mad, great cinematography, mad, great music, mad, no cowboys – cowboys are slang for space age bounty hunters.  Mad.  Pure escapism.



Tuesday, November 16, 2021

Kāinga Pukapuka



On 29th November 2020, I wrote a post introducing Kāinga Pukapuka – the My Home Library project based in Auckland, New Zealand that gives children who might not have many books at home, 23 brand new books to grow their own home library.


I’m supporting David Riley and his initiative once again this year, when it’s so important as children have been away from school and unable to access libraries for many months due to the Pandemic.  You can read more about it here:


Here’s a guest blog by David Riley:


Our young people have been away from school for so long and with libraries closed there is a concern that for many, their literacy levels will drop, making school even more challenging for them when they eventually return. The purpose of the Kāinga Pukapuka project is to help alleviate this by gifting packs of books to children so they can start or add to their own home library. 


Will today's young people really read books in this device overloaded time?  Yes they will, most definitely! The key is seeing themselves and things they value in the books.  If they do, they will read for sure.  The books in the Kāinga Pukapuka project are specifically chosen so that children from different cultural groups can experience the thrill of reading books they can engage and connect with. 


A whakataukī says: "Mā te huruhuru te manu ka rere." (By feathers the bird will fly.)  This can also mean, give the bird the feathers it needs to fly. That's what we want to do for our young people with these home libraries.


David Riley

Thursday, November 11, 2021

The Role of Business?



“To create shareholder value” – Jack Welch


“To create and grow a customer” – Peter Drucker


“To make the world a better place for everyone” - Me




Sunday, November 7, 2021

Revolution Starts With Language


As the world re-opens and we enter the New Abnormal, let’s junk the old, traditional titles and let Freedom ring.


              Old                                          New

C.E.O.    Chief Executive Officer               Chief Excitement Officer

C.M.O.   Chief Marketing Officer               Chief Magic Officer

C.I.O.    Chief Information Officer             Chief Ideas Officer

C.S.O.   Chief Sustainability Officer          Chief Sensation Officer


C.S.R.    Corporate Social Responsibility    Corporate Social Revolution


Get some titles and language that people can believe in, are excited by and can get behind!



Monday, November 1, 2021

That Was The Year That Was


A birthday poem gift from Robin ...



Live Life, Love Life (LXXI/LXXII)


2020 has come to this— Which wolf will win.

So let your Old Man out:

humility, humanity, humour,

survive, revive and thrive— the playlists every day.

Check in on family, friends, colleagues, outlaw cowboys.

Counter the wave, that something eating away,

re-emerge the good times.


Break from the normal, from survive to revive and thrive, be crazy ones.

Everyone a story of sadness, sacrifice, isolation.

Heads down in Arizona, first vaccines, favourite Dylan songs,

64 reasons to celebrate Paul McCartney.

Merry Christmas a Grasmere nativity.

2021 a story of hope, happiness and fun.


Misfit, gentleman thief, master of disguise

never out of the fight, but out of elastic, garden chairs, pasta machines, jigsaws.

What’s so funny ‘bout peace, love, understanding?  

Dramatic, tense, complex, riveting conspiracy: perpetual optimism

brings positive prediction for 2021—

a good night’s sleep.


7th win for a G.O.A.T.

Hope a road that goes on forever—

home-made creamy rice pudding, re-invention, exploring a new future.

Making happy choices; don’t waste!

Sweep the sheds hard, fast, early.

Back to earth doing it tough.


We’ll make it with your smile, perspective.

What Have You Been Watching?

What Are You Watching?

Grit and bliss, tinged with a touch of gluttony.

Don’t waste the crisis!


Blogged down, technical issues.

Welcome back.

The only people for me are mad ones, seven types

of citizen— I saw myself.

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Paris in Scottsdale feels so good eating out again.


I am multitudes working from home son, working from home,

getting fired, connecting with clients.

10 tips for leaders over the balance.

Have another 10.

Adapt.  Improvise.  Overcome.

Still living the tasty desert life!

Fighting a feeling rarely works.

PurposeFused grit writes on a decade.

(note to self– Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Fix Fast.)



Oh, I do like to be by the seaside.

1971— Oz / Bowie / the Youth Revolution. Our time was then.

“A Happy Boy” shines through. 

Lest we forget, wishing and hoping “For When It’s Time” We have only today.

Let us begin.


Grand-kids, Tuscan senses, taste of north, All Blacks, Benny, Brian, Eric, Barry, Sograpiness (friendship and happiness a bottle of wine in the sun).

Mana Ake, determine your own future, ‘take the shot’ when we have the ball.

The Boss, a guitar, a harmonica, a piano, a microphone–our lives/futures— Big Apple Slow Life.

One step forward, one back into the grief cycle.

Trust the science, stay vigilant, revive to thrive in 2022.

The Old Stamp House, best in the world. 


“At The Inn, the way they do anything, the way they do everything.”

'Thunder Road' energy for the day ahead.

What are you watching? That old man again.

100% does not exist, nor our pre-Pandemic world. 

The right book finds you at the right time.

... check in with yourself.


Our vagabond’s luxury “It goes on”— sunshine reason to be cheerful amid torrential rains.

You’re never out of the fight so don’t waste the crisis (if you haven’t heard before)!

007 never replaced The Lone Ranger, Bond just more fashionable!! 

“All starts with Olive Oil”, Professor T, 60’s and 70’s—Hermits, Monkees, Browne—

vaccinated antidotes bring humour, joy, spring in our step, hope, optimism— an edge towards a new world— Let’s start going to the office!


We’ve learned some stuff, hated some stuff, loved some stuff.  

Reduce the bad stuff, do more good stuff, talk about the tough stuff.

Live Life, Love Life . . . and Listen, Dream, Age— light more candles (LXXIII)

I’ve spent just about the right amount of time on this poem.


🎂 Happy Birthday Young Man!