Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Pump Up Your Own Productivity


Performance Expert Steven Kotler’s new book “The Art of Impossible” is on my reading list.  60’s classics – resilience, grit and resetting greater goals are given another airing – because they are even more important in our challenging VUCA world.


And his three point Personal Productivity tips are exactly what we’ve been advising / coaching throughout this Pandemic period.

Catch Some Quality ZZZ’s

Along with good nutrition, hydration and daily exercise, the human body needs seven – eight hours of restful sleep per night to perform at peak levels.


Make Connections

Social support is critical, especially in the current times of less face-to-face contact.  Actively seek out meaningful conversations with loved ones.


Manage Anxiety Levels

A five minute gratitude practice, meditation session or a simple workout are all tools that can help calm the mind and control the nervous system.


Live Life Slow!