Thursday, February 11, 2021

Foodie Friday – Masterchef Part II

The response to December 17’s Budding Masterchef post was very positive.  Lots of support, encouragement and recipe requests.


Here are some examples of the latest adventures:

·       Panko shrimp with angel-hair pasta,

·       Chili devilled eggs,

·       Home-made dulce de leche,

·       Mexican chicken enchilada casserole,

·       King Crab legs with lemon/mayo,

·       Braised beef with carrots and rutabaga,

·       Mediterranean Lamb Kofta, hummus, cucumber and tomato salad,

·       BBQ salmon with white wine / mustard sauce and broccolini,

·       Chicken curry and basmati rice,

·       Classic Steak Frites with creamed spinach,

·       Southwestern Chicken and Chili,

·       And, by special request (mine!) – home-made Creamy Rice Pudding.


Buon appetito.