Friday, September 4, 2020

Who can resist a list? Part IV.


10 Ways to re-invent the office.


·            Keep off your screen – that’s what remote work time is for.

·            See, Listen, Talk, Laugh and Socialise with your colleagues.

·            Take regular breaks.

·            Get smart over start/finish times.

·            Turn off your notifications – deal with emails at specific times.  You’re here to meet!

·            Create a ROWE (Results Only Working Environment) – it’s about results – not hours, emails, stress, busyness.

·            Do the most important things first – they’ll be the hardest.

·            Move around / get outside.

·            Keep your meetings down to 30 minutes – stand up for most of that time, start and finish on time, leave phones at the door.

·            Stop multi-tasking.  Focus Commitment Discipline.