Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Fix Fast

Spoke at two great Unfiltered Live events in Auckland and Christchurch last week.  Great speakers, great format – 20 minutes on three mistakes, the three learnings and the fixes.  Uplifting fun with great advice.

And a great number of mistakes (and learnings!) to choose from.  Rather than go over these, here are the pieces of advice I left the audience with.
1)  -  Don’t take a knife to a gun-fight.
     -  Adapt.  Improvise.  Overcome.
     -  Work harder, smarter, longer.
2)  -  Put all your eggs in one basket, and watch that basket.
     -  Focus.  Commitment.  Discipline.
     -  Be obsessed, or Be Average.
3)  -  Invest in fierce, powerful Financial capability.
     -  Managers are just as important as leaders.
     -  Stars in your eyes, finger on the pulse, feet on the ground.


PS:    And yet another failing – as I jumped (athletically, or so I thought) on to the stage, my Achilles went ‘Pop’ and a burning pain shot up my leg.  I limped through the preso and rushed straight to see George Duncan, All Black muscle/tissue specialist and Dr Marcus Stone – my doctor for 30 years.  Sent for a scan by the two Wise Men.  The good news – no tear, no rupture, no moonboot, no cast.  The bad news – acute tendonitis, six months no exercise, anti-inflammatories, ice, compression bandages, and limping.  Cycling an option ‘soon’, but no up-hill.  Doctor’s advice (Fix Fast!!) – ‘If it hurts, stop’.