Wednesday, December 12, 2018

For Robin

Sam Hunt is one of my favourite New Zealand poets/performers (close friend Brian Sweeney used to be his Manager back in the day).

‘Coming to it’ features 120 of Sam’s poems, covering 56 years of work – and Colin Hogg’s book ‘Sam Hunt, Off the Road’ is a great new look at hanging with Hunt.

‘Coming to it’, … the poems were chosen by the poet, are undated and are not in chronological order – so no evidence of development, just sheer enjoyment of the poems as they come.

No Poem

I went outside
thinking there could be a poem
buried in the long grass
or down the banks to the river.

I scrambled down
swinging totara trunk to totara trunk
and landed on my arse
in thick Kaipara mud.

There was no poem to be had.