Thursday, March 15, 2018

XV All Blacks Values

I’ve watched and admired the All Blacks for 40 years now – and sat on the NZ Rugby Board.  What makes them so successful?  It starts with Values.  Here they are.

1.         Sacrifice
      Give up things that won’t help you reach the summit.
      Proves that the goal is worth chasing.

2.    Respect
      The legacy, the team, and the role of every individual.
      Leave it better than when you found it.

 3.   Gratitude
     Pressure is a privilege.  Be grateful to have the opportunity to experience it.

4.    Acceptance
     Handle disappointment, man up, and do your job bloody well, whatever it is – for the Team.

5.      Speed
      In the mind.  A positive attitude.  Fail Fast, Learn Fast, Fix Fast.

6.    Trust
     Believe in yourself, your skills, your game-plan, your systems and your mates.

7.      Mental Toughness
      Learn and practice TCUP.

8.      Awareness
      Uphold the higher standards.  All the time.

9.      Open Mindedness
      Flexible thinking, responsive to new ideas, relish change.

10.   Accountability
     Everything can be done better.  Use examples of the best players making mistakes.  Everyone is accountable for the Team’s performance.

11.   Dedication
      Master basic skills.
      Meet.  Beat.  Repeat.

12.   Leadership
      Everyone is a leader.
      First know thyself.
      Know what you’re doing, why, when and where.

13.   Honesty
      With yourself and your team.
      Review performance shortfalls brutally and directly.

14.   Core Role
      Do your own job.  Trust your mates to do theirs.

15.   Continuous Improvement
      Wake up the next morning and figure out how to improve.
      Repeat daily.

Over to you now.