Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Diego The Maestro

  • Masciaga not Maradona.
  • The best restaurant leader in the World.
  • At the best restaurant in the World. The Waterside Inn at Bray.
  • Subject of Chris Parker’s book ‘The Diego Masciaga Way’ – lessons from the Master of Customer Service.
  • Required reading for anyone who services Customers!!!
  • Winner of the Maestro Delle Arti Award in June 2016 – the highest honor awarded to Italians for excellence in artistic categories.
Some Diego sound bites.
  • Service is about making people feel happy and good.
  • Service begins with a genuine smile.
  • Service excellence demands absolute commitment and stamina.
  • Service is a once in a lifetime opportunity to create a wonderful experience for someone else.
  • All in evidence at my birthday dinner at The Waterside last week.
Grazie Diego