Tuesday, March 31, 2015

BMW or Merc?

Image source: slate.com / themominmemd.com

I’ve known Leszek Marcinowicz for 55 years.

A gifted linguist, an unappreciated goalkeeper and wicket-keeper, a brilliant father with a forgiving wife, and two off the wall multi-talented kids (Hannah, Saxophonist extraordinaire and Mr. Adventurer, Adam).

He’s a TP HR Practitioner and a Coach to several CEO’s . I was with him in sunny Morecambe by the sea last week and we were talking about transformational change and its cultural implications. He told me people were either BMW’s or Merc’s. . .

BMW – Bitchers, Moaners, Whingers. MERC – Madly Excited Regarding Change.

Bring on the MERC’s.