Thursday, January 29, 2015

10 Favourite Jet Lag Reduction Tips

Image source: Brian Joseph
  • Hydrate with Fly1above – a brilliant product.
  • Set your watch to your arrival venue 2 hours before you board.
  • Don’t touch alcohol pre/during flight.
  • Wear flight socks.
  • Eat protein/veggies – avoid starch/fats.
  • Don’t work on the flight – read odd stuff, binge on some TV, sleep!
  • Go into low reactor mode – slow down heart rate, adrenaline output, and don’t get emotionally engaged in the inevitable lousy travel experience/service.
  • Budget a 3 hour rest, shower and 30 minute exercise break when you arrive/before you work.
  • Get to bed early day one, avoid screens, read and sleep!
  • Power nap for 30 minutes once/twice on day 2.