Wednesday, February 19, 2014


On a recent bleak London day spent I had a mountain of documents to give feedback on, gnarly decisions to make of the sort that only reach the desk of a CEO, and a few turbid calls and meetings. Call it the first half of my RLRJ matrix – Responsibility and Learning. This is the grit and gravitas part of the equation, part inspiration but mostly perspiration. Taking and giving responsibility, taking and giving learning. But peppered through this way were five emails from different parts of the world – Austin Texas, London, Paris, NYNZ and Lancaster, plus a shout out in the Financial Times. They were all short, and all sweet. Thoughtful expressions of thanks, acknowledgement and remembrance. This is the second part of the matrix: Recognition, which leads to the ultimate state, that of Joy. We all need recognition, no matter how minor. So right now, reach out and recognize someone who will take some joy from your thoughtful expression of appreciation, it could be a colleague or associate, someone your senior or your junior. A perfect day is made up of equal parts of Responsibility, Learning, Recognition, and Joy.