Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Forty Winks

Sleep can be mighty helpful, whether to help with complex decision making, creativity, wellbeing or more. As a fan of the siesta, I keep an eye and occasionally share a word on the science and conversation around sleep.

From a performance coach, here’s a nifty update on naps, including these seven tips:
  1. Keep naps to 20 minutes, or greater than 90 minutes to avoid sleep inertia
  2. Nap in a quiet, well ventilated room
  3. Clear your mind, breathe slowly and deeply to help switch off and relax
  4. If you are going to nap at work – make sure you have permission!
  5. Best to nap 6 - 8 hours after normal wake up time
  6. Shift workers can use a late afternoon nap to help stay alert during the night
  7. Use naps to recharge, refresh and reinvigorate the body and the brain