Thursday, February 2, 2012

Tweeting @sweden

Swedish tourism officials have relinquished its Twitter account. To its people.

To generate interaction and breakdown perceptions about its country, Swedish officials are handing over the reins of its Twitter account to a different Swedish citizen each week. For seven days the person who has control of @sweden can recommend things to do, places to see, share opinions and offer insights into their lives. So far an advertising executive, a truck driver, a Bosnian immigrant, a Gen Y blogger and university student have all shared their viewpoints on their Sweden to the world, making for very interesting reading.

The project is being billed as the “world’s most democratic Twitter account” and has so far attracted over 24,000 followers.

The project is rich in Lovemarks elements that make campaigns successful. There is mystery – you don’t know who the next person in charge of the Twitter account will be; innovation – this ‘freedom’ is pushing the boundaries; participation – people are encouraged to interact with the tweeter and the account is recording a huge number of tweets with people engaging from all over the world.

@sweden twitter account. #interestingsocialmediaexperiment.