Thursday, September 29, 2011

Ode to the Olfactory

Sight, sound, touch, taste and smell are all hardwired to our brains, but as expert and professional engineer of smell, Steve Pearce, says the power of smell is too often underestimated.

Engaged by organisations throughout the world, Steve has recreated smells from the hair of the Egyptian Queen Cleopatra to outer space for NASA’s training programs. His insights on smell are like lyrics for a Lovemarks songbook.

Smell is by definition sensual. It’s the most powerful of our senses because it’s a direct extension of the brain. Its direct contact means we get a very quick, intensive reaction to odors.

Smell is mysterious. No one really understands how it actually works. The nerve receptors are linked directly to the brain, but there is nothing between them and the brain, unlike other senses.

Smell is also intimate. It’s the first sense a newborn uses to identify with its mother, but as we grow older that sense slowly fades.

Sensual, Mysterious and Intimate, the DNA of Lovemarks. Want to make your brand loved in record time? Choose a heavenly scent to associate yourself with, and find a creative way to deploy it in-store, in packaging, in the product itself. Fresh laundry. Cut grass. Sea salt. Wet concrete. Leather. If you can imagine it, Steve can create it.