Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Loyalty Beyond Relevance

A few months back I posted on Google’s new Zero Moment Of Truth (ZMOT) e-book, featuring a foreword by our own Dina Howell, Global CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi X. ZMOT is the principle that more people are doing their research online before heading to the store, home of P&G’s famous First Moment Of Truth, when the shopper stands at the shelf and decides what to buy.

The importance of ZMOT is reinforced by a recent Australian study that also adds fuel to the Lovemarks fire. The study not only found that people are using the web more often to research product purchases - it showed that when going through search results, they were more likely to click on websites from a brand they trusted than links that were relevant to their search terms.

This is loyalty beyond reason, the heart of Lovemarks - where emotional connections and relationships trump information and irritation. Relevance is irrelevant. To win in this moment of truth - as in all others - you need to be irresistible.