Thursday, September 22, 2011


Here’s another inspirational idea, sent my way by a social entrepreneur with a big dream. Sophie Bartho has the aspiration of wiping out inequality in child healthcare and education by asking people everywhere to donate one dollar once a year. I like the simple, emotionally compelling story behind the idea:

Our inspiration was born in the daily ritual of kissing our kids good night. As parents of three lucky children who sleep in a warm bed, in a safe home, who enjoy a great local education and nourishing food, we asked why do some children have so much, while so many have so very little. And basic things like safety, education and food.
Creativity in the fundraising arena is vital right now – a stream of global tragedies is contributing to donor fatigue, with many urgent causes struggling. This is a classic DOT (Do One Thing) approach that makes a big problem seem much easier to tackle, sans merchandise and gimmicks. 1$day is on 20 October 2011.