Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Love On the Brain? Welcome to Lovemarks Campus

Lovemarks has been rolling for ten years now and continue to expand. We’ve just ramped up the brainier side of Lovemarks with the launch of Lovemarks Campus, an innovative set of academic resources. We have had widespread engagement with Lovemarks in advertising, marketing, business schools throughout the world.

Through Facebook, a Twitter feed and a website, Lovemarks Campus provides research and tools that help educators, students and anyone interested dive deeper into enhancing the consumer experience. Teaching modules, papers, dissertations, presentations, speeches, video, audio and books are all part of the package.

This is where love hits the road, supercharged with smarts, views and fun. Worth a look, indeed a ‘Like’. It’s about mastery of emotional communication.

  • Advertising stories that register powerfully (creating immersive media)
  • Alastair Campbell's Guide to Advertising
  • Effects of rational and emotional advertising on brand love
  • Advertising approaches for utilitarian, hedonic value products
  • Case Story: Lexus 'Reinventing the Magazine'
  • Kate Moss and the Lovemarks concept in a fashion retail context
  • HSM behind-the-scenes special on Saatchi & Saatchi New York
  • Scent marketing increasingly common with brands and retailers
  • The effects of aroma on emotion
  • Consumer behavior: how sneakers have become status symbols
  • What makes fans loyal to a particular sports team
  • British families and what influences their brand attitudes
  • Sensory marketing to improve in-store shopper experience
  • Making sense of the five senses
  • How retailers are attracting shoppers by sparking the five senses
  • Brand Love: Conceptualisation and Measurement
  • Brain activity measures response to ads, commercials
  • ParaguayCarol's Lovemarks’ story of the Green Bay Packers
  • People who love sport understand the concept of Lovemarks
  • Two emotions engage us all: surprise and joy.
  • Podcast: The emotional side of marketing location-based services
  • The Most Desired Brands In America