Monday, March 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Italy

Italy has given a lot to the world. Fashion, food, wine and history, beautiful football, adventurous rugby, irresistible machinery, effortless chic. The Italians have taught the world how to spell in style. A is for Armani. B for Benetton. C for Cavalli. D for Diesel and I for Illy!! The list goes on. Italy’s culture of love has enriched the life of countless other nations. Friends and family connections have brought it closer to my heart over the years.

Like any country, sometimes Italy’s beautiful contribution to the world is overshadowed by an ugly headline, and people shift to the negative. Over a challenging time our Italian agency has put together up with a wonderful short film for energy company Enel to celebrate Italy’s 150th birthday. In true, lyrical Italian style it’s beautifully captured, crossing epic and everyday scenes, bringing the Italy we love back to the fore.

The voiceover says:

It’s true: Italy has always been a special country. And we all like to stress its little faults and foibles when we talk about our country. It’s normal, everybody does it. For once, just once, do something different. Try talking about the Italy that appears to be invisible, but still exists. The Italy that is creative, passionate, enterprising, capable of going a long way. For once, don’t talk about weaknesses. Talk about energy. All of a sudden you will be delighted to find … that you are talking about yourselves.

Happy Birthday Italy.