Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kudos to Wojo!

A New Zealand innovation making moves – and which I wrote about last year – is Wools of New Zealand’s sustainable line known as Laneve. Wools of New Zealand is a subsidiary of Wool Partners International, a joint venture headed by my old mates Theresa Gattung and Iain Abercrombie.

Laneve is produced from sheep (obviously) farmed according to the highest standards of animal welfare, sustainability, traceability and the environment. Every inch of Laneve is tracked from the time it sprouts from the backs of New Zealand sheep all the way through to the time it’s woven. This inspired focus on sustainability and quality has made Laneve the stuff of Lovemarks from the get-go.

In October, Wools of New Zealand played an important role in a joint venture between Starbucks and the Wellington-based design company The Formary. Using Laneve, the Formary has created a new sustainable fabric for upholstering furniture for the coffee giant. It was launched during Wool Week in London recently.

“Wojo” was created by combining Laneve with fibre from Starbucks’ jute coffee sacks (70% wool, 30% jute sacks). Furniture made from this innovative material will be featured in Starbucks locations from the UK and Europe to the Middle East and Africa. A nice example of businesses working in harmony to make the world a better place for everyone. Way to go Wojo.