Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Inside the Ad Game

Sometimes the best way to cap off an intense week is to go on television and talk about it! So it was with Fox Business last Friday when I was the guest on the Closing Bell with anchor Liz Claman. The studio is in the heart of Rupert Murdoch/Roger Aisles territory in the News Corporation building on 6th and 47th Sts, and the program – as with all of Fox – is as fast-paced and focused on the moment as the markets are themselves. And in the middle of this we managed to stop time with an emotional charge that came from a simple television ad about the lifetime of love between a son and his father. Liz had asked what my favorite ad of all time is. Malcolm Gladwell asked me recently what my best “tearjerker” ad of all time is. To both these questions I gave no hesitation in naming the 1997 Telecom New Zealand “Father & Son” from Saatchi & Saatchi (New Zealand) featuring the music of Cat Stevens – not because it is a tearjerker but because it inspires a genuine emotion response. I play it all over the world because it is a universal story with universal music. Watch the interview and savor the moment. Liz cries.