Wednesday, November 10, 2010

A Greek Legend and a Lovemark

We just received a heart-warming nomination on from a regular contributor, Anita De Las Moses. In the past, Anita has written eloquently about recently deceased Lovemarks of hers like Tony Curtis and Patrick Swayze.

This time, she’s written a powerful eulogy for Yiannis Dalianidis, a legendary Greek filmmaker who passed away on October 16th. He’s known as the “father of the Greek musical,” and is a true national treasure. This nomination was from the heart, which is why I wanted to share it with you.

Yiannis Dalianidis who was eighty seven died last Saturday and will be laid to rest in the First National Cemetery in Athens. Dalianidis made incomparable contributions to the Greek cinema . He was a titan. Dalianidis discovered Zoe Laskari and Martha Karagianni. It is noteworthy that he worked in all cinematic genres. Dalianidis wrote screenplays; he directed; he created the musical on film that was wildly successful commercially. Yiannis had elegant and fine taste in all things he did.

His films had exceptional choreography and protagonists whose beauty and acting suddenly was amazing and became the stuff of legends. Due to and because of his commercial success in Greece, Hollywood came knocking and Dalianidis was tempted . But his honour won him out in the end. He explained that he could not leave the elderly lady he called mother and had adopted him to go anywhere outside of Greece. Dalianidis might be called Greece's answer to Billy Wilder as he once made a comedy film called "Some Like it Cold."

Wildly charismatic and charming so many thespians were and are beholden to him for discovering them. Yet he always made them feel that they were special without him. Dalianidis created films with happy endings always. Greece mourns the loss of yet another fantastic creative force with monumental contributions to the nation. Dalianidis is a Lovemark for the witty and aesthetically beautiful films he gave us so magnanimously.

He worked against many obstacles and time. He uplifted the Greek nation from the marasmus of the post war days. The entirety of his ideology asks us to maintain an optimistic disposition on life. Adieu Yiannis Dalianidis, and may the ground that covers you forever be light.

You live in my heart forever.

Lights , camera , action . . .