Monday, October 18, 2010

Dolletta and Daddy

More and more families are being re-invented. The typical mom and dad and three kids of the 50’s have been replaced by the most diverse variables imaginable. What doesn’t vary though is what makes any kind of family work; unconditional love and support, sacrifice, trust. Families are caring yes, but they are also demanding. And that is what makes them so special.

I’m blessed with a diverse and fun family. Rowena’s younger sister, Julie, has a couple of kids and one of them I was particularly close to when he was growing up. Despite him being a fanatical Liverpool football supporter and England rugby supporter, Stephen is a top man. Energetic, funny and a real contributor to the family. He has a beautiful young daughter, Tia, with his former partner.

Tia is the apple of his eye and they spend as much time together as they can. It isn’t easy entertaining an energetic young toddler and Steve was amazed to find relatively little written on the daddy/daughter dynamic. He’s never written anything in his life. He’s a good athlete and a skilled electrician. But, hey, nothing is impossible.

He’s just written a terrific little storybook called Dolletta and Daddy. It tells about Dolletta’s constant search for fun with Daddy and Daddy’s constant search for new ways to have fun. It’s a beautifully told story. Steve pretty much self published it thanks to the enabling power of modern technology. Check it out on Amazon or Waterstones.

I’m proud of the lad (or should I say Dad).