Monday, August 30, 2010

Death of a Car Man

A couple of years ago Jerry Flint, a writer with Forbes magazine, asked to come and talk to me about cars and Lovemarks. We had a crackling couple of hours. Jerry was opinionated, cantankerous, provocative, insightful and curious. And a great storyteller.

He came back in to see me a year or so later to talk about the journey Toyota was on with the Prius in particular, and gave me a copy of a great book, The Dream Machine: The Golden Age of American Automobiles: 1946-1965.

Jerry just died.

He was 79 years old and outlasted many of the Detroit legends he wrote about. Jerry was everything you wanted in a journalist. A great storyteller, full of passion, truth and that ability great writers have to say everything in eight words or less. He combined an anger for bureaucracy with a passion for excellence, particularly in design and performance.

And boy did he know cars.

The world is poorer without him.