Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Rattle Ya Dags

In 2010 a website Rattle Ya Dags launched to give “a daily dose of inspiration” to New Zealanders. The name is a colloquialism for “hurry up” (and if you really want to know… the saying developed because when the wool around a sheep’s backside crusts into dags, it makes a rattling sound when they run). The site is a place for down-to-earth advice and motivation in bite-sized videos. It’s a fun and well-executed idea featuring over 100 New Zealanders from sport, business, politics, art, and entertainment.

Rattle Ya Dags have cut three videos from an interview I did earlier in the year, the most recent about the advantages of coming from an edge culture, and why it’s better to fail fast/ learn fast/ fix fast, than to be a perfectionist. Previously, I proposed three questions which are key to finding your personal purpose, and spoke about leading Saatchi & Saatchi Worldwide (Nothing Is Impossible).

Good on Two Heads and NZ On Air. Wisdom I like comes from Paula Bennett (Move On), Annah Stretton (Have a mentor), Tina Cross (Listen to your kids) and especially Jon Trimmer (Ignore them).