Thursday, May 6, 2010


When I first saw the media promotion behind the (then) upcoming release of the iPad, I thought to myself and in fact publicly stated," what’s the the big deal, it's just a giant iPhone without a phone." I posted on the wonderful video of Steve Jobs saying “amazing, superlative, incredible” 178 times. Then on a recent flight to London (post the “Eyjafjallajokull Effect”) the gentleman next to me let me play with his iPad, and I was instantly converted. I've got the 3G version. And Ro, Ben, Bex, Danis, Nikki and Trudy are all iPadded up. Aside from its unmistakable beauty, the iPad is extremely functional, with fun being the operative word, work becomes play. The iPad is just a giant iPhone without a phone and that's the best part about it, the iPhone is too small to be able to appreciate all that it can offer. On my wish list for next version: listening to Pandora while surfing the web. Let the games begin!