Monday, March 15, 2010

Introducing Red Rose Music

As you know I'm a big believer in work/life integration. And music is a big part of my life. For the last year or so I've been working on a new business with my youngest son, Danis. Here's the latest from him:

There use to be a time, not too long ago, where you would get excited by an album release. Where you would study every inch of the album art work and sleeve notes. Where you would get together with your friends to listen and share an album for the first time. Then Napster came around and changed everything. They say the Internet is a great way to connect with others and while this is true in most situations, it is killing the music industry financially, but more importantly, emotionally.

This is where Red Rose Music comes in.

Red Rose Music is a young company based in London that KR and I have recently started. And our first goal is to reignite music retail and provide music lovers with their dream environment for discovery and rediscovery.

We are setting up ‘themed’ pop up events to sell music. We will embrace the future while respecting the past through vinyl, digital and everything in between. We will have memorabilia and magazines, art and photography. If it relates to music, we will have it. The events may be themed by genre or label, curated by relevant personalities, or partner with existing brands. We want to revive the communal spirit music once had, to make music retail exciting again.

We are a couple of months away from our opening event. We have a blog where you can follow our progress and also listen, watch and read about great music both new and old. Join the party.