Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Love Is In The Air

A nice close-out to 2009 was AdAge referencing Lovemarks as one of its Top Ten Ideas of the Decade. Noting that not everyone loves Lovemarks (yet!), AdAge said that the philosophy - aiming to create emotional connections between consumers and brands that become lasting relationships - is “tough to quarrel with”, an “accessible technique to grasp” and “a successful new-business tool for Saatchi that attracted a swath of marketers during this decade.” Thanks chaps.

AdAge also cited these ideas in its Top Ten: Consumer Control; Brand Journalism; Branded Utility; Crowdsourcing; Marketer as Media; Earned Media; Long Tail; Tipping Point; and Madison & Vine.

And right on the cusp of twenty ten, New York Times writer Andrew Adam Newman wrote a piece on how love is “a sentiment enthralling Madison Avenue in spite of - or perhaps as an antidote to - a downturn and two wars. You may have seen the new Blackberry campaign from our fellow Publicis agency Leo Burnett featuring the Beatles “All You Need is Love” which features in the article. Also Lenscrafter; Subaru; McDonalds; Olay; Payless. There are a bunch of others, even the 2009 US Tennis Open “It Must Be Love.”

Creating a Lovemark involves a whole lot more than simply slapping the word “Love” into a campaign strapline – but these brands have shown that the literal approach isn’t a bad way to start if you have got the juice to carry it off.

Our Lovemarks practice at Saatchi & Saatchi has gotten pretty nuanced, tangential at the extremes, but it remains our core. Our company focus is to “Fill the world with Lovemarks.”