Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Lost At E Minor

The Participation Economy is about conversations. Lots of them. We’ve been through the Attention Economy, which was a conversation of one to many. We morphed into the Attraction Economy, which brought more pull than push. Now the Participation Economy has joined the circle: it’s many to many. Everywhere we go online, we can talk to everyone and everyone can talk to us. You might say that real democracy is finally at hand.

Someone who understands this is Zolton Zavos and his brother Zac at a great site out of Newcastle, Australia, and Brooklyn, New York, Lost At E Minor. Zolton, the son of my friend the venerable Sydney rugby journalist (and Kiwi) Spiro Zavos, has created a community of conversations that showcases the zeitgeist - new creative projects and emerging culture sourced from the most diverse corners of the Internet, in all flavors – Twitter, Facebook, and Free iPhone app; and is spiced with free downloads, guest writers, a cool online store including the Dosh wallet, and much more.

A few years ago Zolton invited me to speak to his team mates on a previous gig, the New York-based online publishing company, Flavorpill. I talked pretty much about how to create a Lovemark, and clearly something stuck because Lost At E Minor has become a Lovemark. At least that’s what his readers are telling him in a recent survey:

“What I really love about E MINOR is the unexpected .. I love random moodbrowsing, and E MINOR is pure sensory indulgence!! I love all of the amazingly gorgeous art in all its forms presented on E MINOR. Thanks for the bottomless pit of inspiration.” Tambo

“I love the movement of Lost at E Minor, it goes from funky design in Prague to Diners in Nowhere USA. From creepy craigslist reenactments to cute funny commercials to awing murals.” Hayley

“It’s so refreshing knowing that there are so many people in this world that have such passion for what they do and create. Thanks for the constant supply of outstanding, shock, horror, beauty, talent.” Hannah

“There are a lot of websites that pull together the miscellany that I love, but Lost At E Minor has survived all others for a spot on my bookmarks bar.” weatherjam
Read here for more reasons why Lost At E Minor’s readers think it’s a Lovemark.