Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Analytics Of Me

The advertising industry loves crunching numbers and it’s not alone. A growing number of people track their behavior and analyze data for everything from eating, sleeping, working, reading, spending money, losing weight, keeping track of when you’re happy, when you’re sad, anything and everything!

The new iPod Nano has a built in pedometer to count your steps; FertiliTrack tracks and predicts fertility; and if you want more in depth analysis on your sleep patterns, ZEO can track your brain waves and sleep data all for $400. But it doesn’t stop there, Moodstats can record, track and evaluate your moods and Bedposted can even track those non-sleeping activities in bed and much more!

As technology gets more advanced by the day, there are no doubt many more ways people will be able to analyze and track any sort of behavioral patterns, perhaps you’ve come across an interesting one lately?

Ultimately, it’s not enough just to measure these days, that’s like looking in the rear view mirror of a car. To win, you need to be looking through the front windscreen anticipating the road that lies ahead.