Thursday, October 22, 2009

Tanks to Tank

Despite using my Kindle for newspapers, I’m still a mad magazine fan. Whenever I fly, which seems to be everyday, I carry a bagful of mags with me. From the mass (Vanity Fair), to the cool (Monocle), to the eclectic (Dumbo Feather). On the eclectic side is Tank. A quarterly cultural magazine published in the UK. They’ve just relaunched in a big looseleaf binder format, which is very cool. I love its physical sensuality. Of course it’s also available on-line. Visit for information and visit their new on-line fashion concept,

The current edition has fantastic photography; soundbites on Tate Modern, Frida Giannini of Gucci and her flower power innovations, a terrific article from cult heroine Vivienne Westwood, a superb article from a guy who interviewed me recently, Peter Day from the BBC, with tables turned and him being interviewed this time on the financial crisis. There’s also revolutionary stuff on lots of topical art/cultural topics. The magazine is full color and 150 pages long and thriving, not just surviving. (The Claudia Schiffer cover is not bad either.)

It’s great to see Tank zigging as we, unfortunately, see Conde Nast closing down four more magazines this month. Positioning and appealing to a movement rather than a market is at the core of a magazine’s success in today’s participation economy. Tanks Tank for reminding us.