Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Make Love Not War

When I walked into the lobby of the Singapore National Museum I couldn’t miss this eye-catching, 8 metre tall, superb piece of art Love Tank (The Temple). The phrase ‘make love not war’ springs instantly to your mind, the tanks are decorated (or camouflaged!) with red lotuses and pink hearts to transform the killing machines to convey love and peace.

The Indonesian artist, S. Teddy D., wanted to express the interaction between the East and West cultures – one which often ends in clashes. The adaptation of these cultures is symbolized through the seven tanks stacked on top of each other forming a tall structure resembling a Pagoda which is part of a temple compound, believed to be the padmasana, the seats of gods and goddesses who rule this world.

Entirely made by hand, the first prototype - essentially one 4.5m tank - made it’s first debut at a wedding no less. As you can imagine there are very few places to store something of this size, but I think Saatchi & Saatchi’s offices in New York with their 3-storied atrium could be just the place for its next exhibit – Teddy what do you reckon?!