Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Kris Kristofferson

One of my all time heroes is road warrior Kris Kristofferson. I guess he’s in his early 70’s now and living in Hawaii. I saw him at the Royal Albert Hall a year or so back and have been listening to his album Closer to the Bone this week. A bunch of songs celebrating experience, scar tissue and perpetual optimism. “I ain’t afraid of moonlight, I ain’t afraid of freedom, blood will make you crazy but your soul will keep you sane.”

He’s one of the greatest all-time poets and songwriters and has lived a life full of hope, dreams, principles and values. “From Here to Forever” was written for his kids and I’d recommended it for parents and grandparents everywhere. “Fill your heart for the morning, tomorrow you still got a long way to grow, and the love that you’re dreaming will guide you and live like a song in your soul.” And finally, “Darling, take all the time that you’re given, be all you know you can be, and if you need a reason for living, do it for love and for me.”

On behalf of Stella and all grandchildren around the world, Kris, thank you.