Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sharing on Lovemarks.com

The stories that come in from around the world to Lovemarks.com never cease to amaze me. We have well over 20,000 of them and each one is personal and full of emotion. Some are short and sweet, while other are long letters of love and devotion. Were we to have a one-way conversation about Lovemarks, we would miss the point of love. Lovemarks.com is about sharing and learning what the world has to say about their favorite brands. And the results from across the globe speak for themselves. We also have a twitter account that’s gaining followers too.

Here are 5 recent nominations and comments for Lovemarks from the community that I had to share:

Mizuno Golf Driver - Stephen Sierawski
For anyone that loves to play golf, they know that nothing makes you feel better than putting a monster drive down the middle of the fairway. There is no remedy for a 3-putt better than nearly driving the green on the next whole. I love my Mizuno driver because, as in all sports, when you perform better you feel better. Hitting your driver well provides confidence and makes the rest of the course much easier. The sport of golf is a love/hate relationship, but my Mizuno driver deserves a lovemark.

Seoul, South Korea - K. Wolterman
I've studied abroad and seen some of the greatest cities in the world, but Seoul is by far my favorite. While the people did stare at me because of my red hair and pale skin, everyone was incredibly friendly, the architecture is gorgeous, and the city is always full of amazing brands and things to do--like sing karaoke--and it is one of the only places I desire to go back because of the rich Buddhist culture mixed with modern amenities that we lack in the United States.

Lush - Kristin Wilson
Hand-made, globally available, (globally aware), vegan, vegetarian, all-natural and organic products that make you feel good, smell good and refresh your mind. What's not to love? Very few of the products come in any packaging at all, and those that do are 100% recyclable. I first stumbled upon Lush in the Orlando International Airport, and the delicious scent wafting through the store melted any pre-flight stress away. Having recently discovered raw veganism, I feel in love with this store that could help me treat my outside as well as my inside. Nearly 2 years later, my friends and family recognize my love for Lush and send me pictures of Lush storefronts from California to Budapest.

Lifetime - LadyO
This is the only cable television network that I can not live without. A few years ago I saw my mom glued to the television every Sunday night at 7P.M. I thought it was new channel for older women, but as young and nosey as I was changed the station and watched the same movie she was watching. Ever since then, 100% of the movies that are shown I can relate to. If it’s about a 40 year old mom or a 14 year old girl, I connect with them. It’s like release therapy knowing that these are everyday issues that everyone goes through and I'm not alone. It’s not just a movie with a thought and a pen. It's not a reality show, a fairytale, thriller, or nightmare.... Its real women and real girls transformed into real life stories. I connect with every character and I was amazed that this was a networked that understood my thoughts, feelings, and issues.

Apple - Chelsea
Apple has taken over the world with their products. If I look around my room, apple is there helping me with my everyday life. My Apple iPod is by my side while I go for a long run, my Apple computer is right in front of me as I write all my papers and check my Facebook and even as I decide on what Lovemark to nominate. Have you ever thought of how upset you get when something happens to your Apple products. If something happens to your iPod, you are left without music and might not even be able to workout because you have nothing to motivate you. If something happens to your computer, you are devastated because you lose your papers, your pictures, your music and all of your hard work. I don't go through a normal day without using something from Apple. Apple is definitely my nomination for my lovemark.