Thursday, August 14, 2008

Hot, hotter, hottest

Lovemarks are about emotional heat. “How intense is this relationship?”, that is the question. And while I am not a fan of using statistics to measure love, as my regular readers will know, I am always attracted by anything that starts with love. Enter CitySense. This cell phone application out of San Francisco combines dense GPS data with real time feeds to show you a city’s hotspots. Literally. You get a constantly updated map on your phone that gives you a good idea of where people are congregating. The assumption is that where there are people, there you’ll find the action. The hottest restaurants, the coolest clubs and the rockingest concerts. In other words, the emotional hotspots. Perfect. Given our love affair with the phone, it’s not going to take much to create emotional maps with all sorts of different focuses – from nightlife to shaded courtyards with great coffee to kid-friendly restaurants. Entertainment industries take note - and that means stores as well.