Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Way back in online history there was the bubble wrap site. All you got to do was pop the little air bubbles but it was pure sisomo. And like a lot of simple sisomo ideas, it was fun, surprising and irresistible. By adding sight, an iconic sound and motion to a clever idea, the people at fun.from.hell created a memorable experience. An experience that migrated from the physical world of wrapping parcels to the virtual world with each. Now the same experience has headed back to a product with hands-on sensuality inspired by that unique bubble wrap sound.

I’m talking about the Bubble Calendar. Again the idea is perfectly simple. Each day’s date on the calendar is encased in a plastic bubble. As you live the year you get to pop seven bubbles a week, 52 weeks of the year – unless you cheat and attack them all in a single evening. From kids opening a window each day on an Advent calendar until Christmas to the iconic prisoner scoring the days of his sentence on the wall of his cell, the idea of marking off time has a deep appeal. While I think the Bubble Calendar will remain a fad on the Love/Respect Axis, it did amuse me to see the bubble wrap idea circle back to its analogue roots. My advice? Pop out and buy one.