Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cartier in love

This time last year I posted on Cartier’s second annual LOVE charity bracelet collection. It was a natural for this blog – love and beauty in one stunning package. This year Cartier are taking their message of love online, to MySpace to be precise. While brands putting up digital billboards is as old as rock, Cartier are upping the ante. Cartier asks the question: How far would you go for Love? The answer is a full-on sisomo experience. The site has songs to download from a great and wide range of musicians. Phoenix is there, but so is Lou Reed. The songs are backed up with interviews and photographs on At the center of it all is this year’s Love bracelet, with a percentage of sales going to Action Against Hunger to help malnourished kids in Burma. Finally, a gift for all Cartier lovers. Twelve perfect sisomo inspirations by Olivier Dahan, director of the wonderful film and double Oscar winner La Vie en Rose. Each item is a perfectly told story based on a different aspect of love. When it comes to love, Dahan had to be the perfect choice as director. His next movie, now in production, is called My Very Own Love Song.