Monday, June 16, 2008

The power of the personal

Mystery and Sensuality are such immediate creators of emotional connections that Intimacy sometimes gets left in their shadow. Perhaps it’s because Intimacy is about the personal gesture and doesn’t have the immediate attraction of the senses, or the allure of Mystery. For me, the personal is one of the fastest ways to create emotional bonds and a key tool in the effort to make the world a better place.

I see the power of Intimacy unfolding through five essentials:

• Hold it close
• Make it passionate
• And true
• And open
• And focused

I’ve mentioned Daniel Dennett’s definition of happiness before: "To find something bigger than yourself, and then to devote your life to it." Emotional rocket fuel. What happens when you get intimate with a social cause?

Nothing heals faster than knowing that someone close by really cares. It is the power of intimacy, the power of the personal. The greater your focus in participating in one cause, the more the ROI. In marketing that means Return On Investment. In the world of Intimacy it means Return On Involvement. Happiness given, shared and grown. Don’t get distracted. It’s better to give to and guide one cause you believe.