Thursday, June 12, 2008

Airport reading

It’s not only me! A journalist called Jonathan Miles has just published a book in the U.S. called Dear American Airlines. It’s written in the form of a 180 page letter of complaint from a passenger stuck, interminably it seems, by American Airlines at Chicago’s O’Hare. Believe me, I was that soldier.

Apparently, a few years back Miles was circling O’Hare when American diverted him to Peoria, Illinois, and then bused him hours later to O’Hare. No apparent reason for the delay was ever given. So he started writing a letter in his head, “Dear American Airlines”, and let loose all that pain, resentment and frustration at today’s U.S. airlines. As he wrote, the letter transformed into a novel telling the story of Ben Ford, a washed up poet trying to rehab his life. The book is full of little nuggets like, “I had a marriage so brief I used the same bath towel for the entire duration”.

Summer’s looming with inevitable congestion, delays and frustrations in sight. I’m heading to Europe to avoid as much pain as I can. Right now I’m considering buying a few copies of Jonathan’s book and sending copies to the American Airlines Board. Buy the book and ease your pain.