Tuesday, May 6, 2008


If there is a better place to spend a lazy Sunday with your daughter than Ipanema Beach in April, let me know. I’m writing this while staying at Fasano hotel on Ipanema Beach in Rio and it’s pumping. It is 90 degrees outside and the beach is full of beautiful body conscious Brazilians. We have an infinity pool on the 8th floor where you can look at Leblon Beach and Ipanema. On Sundays, the beach road is closed to traffic and becomes a big pedestrian, cycling, running extravaganza. Christ the Redeemer is overlooking Copacabana, the palm trees are blooming, the coconut juice is free, and the mango, papaya and other exotic fruits for breakfast this morning were fantastic. They’re almost as good as the strong Brazilian coffee that went with them.

The Fasano has one of the coolest hotel bars I’ve been to. It's called The London Bar. "God Save the Queen" is emblazoned on the outside and there is a huge, very funky Union Jack mural on the inside. It’s very private and was certainly thumping last night. We had dinner at the Copacabana Palace at Cipriani’s where Cipriani continues to weave his magic. Calf’s liver and lentil risotto to the fore! We’re off today to see Sugarloaf Mountain, the statue of Christ and Santa Theresa. It doesn’t get much better than this.

And things just keep on getting better. Lee Child’s new Jack Reacher novel, Nothing to Lose, is just out. That will keep me going on the 14-hour flight from Sao Paulo to Dubai on Thursday. The 12th Jack Reacher novel in as many years. Pure escapism and pure pleasure.