Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hope and Change

The endless and mindless U.S. election process continues (and continues, and continues!). Now, I have to tell you, I’m finally convinced that Barack Obama represents the best option. His promise is simple - hope plus dreams plus change equals turnout equals victory. To put it simply, he has a dream, a dream about optimism and change. Boiled down, his policies are not too different to Hillary, if anything he is rather short on the ideas front. His detractors believe that hope is not a strategy but I think they miss the point. After a never ending menu of Bushs and Clintons, America needs hope and change more than it needs strategy, policy and tactics. There’s a whole generation of Americans who have lost faith in today’s politicians, and with some justification. They will not vote for Hillary, who is now the safety candidate. Safety isn’t what this generation wants. It’s change and progress. Obama represents that and backs it up with authenticity, freshness and charisma. He is a man who comes across as genuinely effortless and empathetic.

I believe Obama is tapping into today’s generation in real time, in a real way. He is giving voters an inspirational dream and a vision of collaboration, connectivity and togetherness. This is in direct contrast to Hillary’s conflict driven, black and white world.

If Obama wins the Democratic ticket, he will be up against John McCain, a genuine American hero, but a hero who is out of sync and out of touch with today’s young America. Don’t get me wrong, he’s a principled, staunch, true blue man. But I think he’s a little at odds with what’s happening in today's culture. Look to Barack Obama to surf that particular wave.