Wednesday, May 28, 2008

...and Lovin' Paul Smith too.

I guess you will have worked out from my last post that one of my creative heroes is Renzo Rosso. Another man I admire enormously is Paul Smith. His New York retail store, next to his good friend Murray Moss’ design emporium in Soho, is one of the best Saturday morning experiences to be had in the city. It’s full of books, toys and quirky, homely icons of Paul Smith’s world. Then of course there are also plenty of massively desirable fashion objects for him and her. So far, the new Paul Smith store in London Heathrow’s Terminal 5 is the only good thing you can associate with the accident prone, luggage eating Terminal from hell. New boutiques have been opened in Paul’s hometown of Leeds, and also in Cape Town, Johannesburg, Istanbul and St. Petersburg. Each store is designed individually and lovingly filled with Paul’s treasures. It’s a world of Hovis bread, pork crackling and Vimto, perfect for all expatriate northerners and Anglophiles. This is a True Blue Lovemark to so many of us, including Ben’s partner and Stella’s mother, Clarissa. Long live the red, white and blue.