Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Google Vanity Ring: Status Symbol for the Attraction Economy

Here’s the demo of a cool idea for someone to jump into. A clever guy named Markus Kison has developed a finger ring that shows the number of hits you get when you enter your name into Google. Not surprisingly, he calls it the Vanity Ring. Smart huh! It reminds me of another Google accessory I love – Google Fight. A true metric of the Attraction Economy. Put in your brand and your competitor’s and let them fight it out to see which is attracting the most hits. It’s a fantastic way to grab another slice of the perception pie for free. Like the rest of us, you won’t be able to resist setting up endless Google fights between your Lovemarks and the rest. Getting back to Markus’s ring, he’s looking for an investor to help him produce it commercially. I don’t have his number, but the email on his website is baisen@gmx.de.