Wednesday, August 1, 2007

Toi and Moi

Last Saturday in New York, I trekked up to Chelsea to visit Karim Rashid’s studio. He’s just designed a Loveseat for Veuve Clicquot. It’s a limited edition of 120 pieces and one of them is heading to the reception area of Saatchi & Saatchi New York now. The piece is a fresh take on the famous 18th century armchair, Toi and Moi. Rashid’s version has two huge, pink flower petals joined on a chrome-plated pedestal, and topped by a pistil in the form of an ice bucket. But, the Loveseat is more than just a seat for two. It takes 3 days of loving attention to produce each one in Italy, and they enter the world representing romance, fun, color and effervescence.

I’ve been a fan of Karim Rashid for some years now. An Anglo-Egyptian raised in Canada, he is playful, colorful, trendy and totally in tune with yesterday, today and tomorrow. His Loveseat is the perfect addition to the Lovemarks Company.