Monday, August 27, 2007 Insights, Idiosyncrasy, Intuition If you’ve dropped in, you’ll know how much fun it is to browse around the thousands of nominations, group them, compare them, list them. Here you can come up close to consumer reality. These are the things people love, and here’s what they’ve got to say about them. Get past the fun and you’ll also uncover insights into how a huge number of incredibly different brands have surged over the love barrier and attracted intense devotion. What is this but proof that Lovemarks are not rationally created by companies, but built up by the personal, idiosyncratic and intuitive responses of thousands of individuals?

We’ve been using the site to explore what distinguishes a brand from a Lovemark to consumers and found some strange and wonderful insights on the journey. Join us and dive into the passion pool of nominations and stories that give its personality and power. Bring insights on fragrances to the surface, for instance. tells us that the top three things people love in a fragrance are that:

  • It’s fit for everyday use. Fragrances may be luxuries, but people want them to be everyday luxuries.
  • It draws comments from others. Fragrances are a way we communicate and express ourselves. No wonder choosing one can be such an important decision – and changing one more important still.
  • It recalls memories of loved ones. Fragrances are usually associated with stunning models and actresses, but what do we do? We think about the people we love ourselves, truly connecting dreams with reality.

Here’s a challenge. How about using these three responses to fragrances with other scents like food, or soap powder or, (why not?) engine oil. When you can make that inspired leap you can start moving from insights to transformational ideas.

Nearly 40 percent of the stories sampled specifically referred to an earlier memory associated with a Lovemarks fragrance. I’ve always believed that one of the great sensory memories of my childhood is the scent of freshly ironed sheets. Come on someone. Bottle it.

The most loved fragrance on is Chanel No 5. My favorites? I wear Le Male by Gaultier and love Hermes 24 Faubourg.