Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fly Buys

I really enjoy flying – I’d have to say that since I spend so much time in the air! I look on long haul flights as a personal challenge to keep inspired. So here’s what I take on board to keep my spirits up, my mind in gear and my heart warm.

  • My iPod filled with the soundtrack of my life. The lyrics are an inspiration, the sound takes me to all the places I most love.
  • A bunch of my favorite magazines. The current must-reads include: Wallpaper, Architectural Digest, Art Forum, Business Week, Fast Company, Wired, Fortune, Ad Age, Adweek, Campaign, Four Four Two, NZ Rugby World, GQ, Details and Vanity Fair.
  • Two good non-fiction books and two fiction. The business books change from month to month. A sports book is always close to hand, and you can always rely on one of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher stories to stir the spirits. You should get a copy of 'Bad Luck and Trouble' (his latest). Great reads.
  • A sleeping pill as a back-up on the longest flights.
  • A load of work emails that have been sorted and are ready to be dealt with.
Put that lot together, and time and the plane both fly.