Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Pop-up Retail

The first pop-up that really inspired me was the Comme des Garcons adventure three years ago in Berlin. What a terrific idea. A store that appears like a mushroom, inhabits a readymade space, inspires the local community and out-of-towners and then packs up and moves on. I loved the Taschen bookstore wallpapered with bright red graphics and the Wired pop-up in Soho that was like walking into the magazine – and let’s not forget the U.S. Potato Board’s efforts last Thanksgiving. I’m told Mr Potato Head was a sensation! The whole pop-up idea is so full of fun and mystery that I knew it had to, well, pop up all over the world. And so it has. Pop-up is now part of the retail marketing repertoire and is evolving fast. A couple of weeks ago Kraft Foods turned up the heat by popping a retail store onto North Michigan Avenue in Chicago. For just three days set out to persuade us that their latest frozen pizzas are as good as fresh-made pizza. Coincidentally, Kraft is using the same building that we transformed for a pop-up Lexus art exhibition in January - The Lexus 460 Degrees Gallery. I saw the same show in Los Angeles and it was a heart stopper. Three artists, a beautiful space and the fantastic new LS 460 L sedan.