Friday, March 30, 2007

Mega Youth Marketing

On Tuesday this week I had a blast – I got to speak at the Youth Marketing Mega Event at Huntington Beach, California. It was a big young crowd and a whole lot of fun. Here's 10 things I said about the future young people are creating.

1. The future is letting go of control. Hand over the message, the experience, the brand – it never belonged to marketers to start with. It’s their space, their tube, their brand and their world.

2. The future is young. Kids are way ahead. Marketers have to move from talking to them, to attracting, engaging, entertaining. One member of the audience asked me how I would 'drive' young people to a website. I told him to re-think the language and change the game. It's the kids in the drivers' seat mate, not us.

3. The future is open. Digital explodes all boundaries. Jesus has landed in MySpace. If you can dream it, you can do it.

4. The future is ageless. There are no tweens, teens or 'has-beens', just many ones.

5. The future acts local. Over 90 percent of all phone calls, web traffic and telco investment is local.

6. The future is uninhibited. Fail fast, fix fast. Most importantly, just do it. Velocity is the new black.

7. The future is saturated. Brands look like wallpaper and kids are walking by. That's why we've got to get beyond brands, to Lovemarks. Now.

8. The future is emotional. People are about 80 percent emotion and 20 percent reason. Every decision we make is based on a feeling.

9. The future is connections. Youth are savvy to simulation, brutal on deception, demand authenticity, love connectivity. Attitude is all, but not just a bitchin, in-your-face provocation. Optimism and positivity are where it's at.

10. The future cares. People want to make a difference in the world whether they're six or sixty. They expect companies to make a difference too and they'll switch off if you don't.