Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Dads. (For Ben, Dan, Mark and Heath.)

Robin just showed me 16 of his musings from Maui.  Not quite finished or just finished – unreleased poems about finding Leonard Cohen, the Obelisk in Buenos Aires, interval training, ice-skating on the river, MLK’s Dream, little kids on the beach, desire and the Pope!!

I stole this one when he was resting after kicking my ass on our daily bike ride in Carefree, Arizona.  (Sorry mate.)

It says everything about Dads and kids.

Play Catch

Catch?  Yeah, a simple
game of catch.

Get a softball, tennis
ball, football, doesn’t

matter, any kind.
Ask him

out to the street, into
the back yard.

Start easy
with that first toss,

increase the distance

you – until
the space is just

right.  Back,
forth, easy.

Find the rhythm
between you.

Have some fun, back
and forth.

You’ll learn something,
so will he.

I don’t know, that’s

why you have
to play catch with

your Dad.